On Sunday, November 19, a mother shared a video featuring all of her babies sharing a sweet moment together. In the clip, her dogs and cats are gathered around her newborn baby to inspect the latest addition to the family in a scene reminiscent of a Disney movie.

No one can deny that these dogs and cats are totally captivated by their newest sibling. One thing is for certain, this baby will never be lonely!


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Wow, what an incredible scene to witness! In the video posted by TikTok user @taylorpatten_, all four of the animals were gathered around the newborn’s crib to see who had taken up residence in this bedroom. The cats were standing up on their hind legs to get a better view of their baby sibling, while these dogs sat attentively nearby, ready to protect or cuddle the baby.

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Family pets, such as cats and dogs, often exhibit an immediate and instinctive bond with newborn babies, creating a heartwarming connection that transcends species. This deep-seated connection can be attributed to the animals’ heightened senses, notably their acute sense of smell and intuition. Newborns emit distinct scents, and pets can detect these changes, fostering a sense of curiosity and protectiveness.

Dogs, known for their loyalty, may become particularly gentle and vigilant around the new addition to the family, triggering their protective instincts. Cats, with their nurturing tendencies, are drawn to the warmth and gentle energy emanating from a baby. 

Additionally, pets, especially those already integrated into the family, pick up on the positive energy and attention directed towards the newborn. The pets’ natural instincts to nurture and form bonds with their human pack further contribute to this rapid connection.

The reciprocal love and care exchanged between pets and newborns creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. This baby will never know a life without the love of a furry friend!

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