On Monday, November 13, a dog mom shared a sweet video featuring her dog and mother. In the clip, her mother is coming over for a visit, and her dog, an Alaskan Malamute named Diesel, is clearly looking forward to the visit!

The touching video is the perfect example if how dogs are just as much a part of their families as children. After watching footage, no one can deny that Diesel adores his Nana!


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Awww, we are just smitten by Diesel! He could hardly wait for his grandmother to walk through the door, and as soon as she arrived, he demanded to know what toys and treats she brought over for him. Based on this pup’s reaction, it seems to us that Diesel is started to get used to being spoiled by his Nana!

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The Alaskan Malamute was bred by the native Inuit people of Alaska for their strength and endurance in order to haul heavy freight across the harsh Arctic terrain. Their lineage can be linked to the ancient domesticated wolf-dogs that were indispensable to the Inuit way of life, serving as crucial companions, aiding in the survival of indigenous communities in the harsh Arctic environment.

The Alaskan Malamute is renowned for its friendly and outgoing personality, seen in Diesel’s exuberant greeting for his Nana. Known for its strong and independent nature, this breed is also remarkably loyal and affectionate towards its family. With a dignified demeanor and a strong work ethic, the Alaskan Malamute is undeniably a devoted companion!

This video, posted by Diesel’s mom on their TikTok page, @krispyk9.execs, draws attention to the Siberian Husky‘s larger counterpart, who is often less popular than Huskies due to their larger size and more demanding exercise needs.

However, Diesel helps demonstrate why Alaskan Malamutes should be more popular. Their impressive strength, unwavering loyalty, and gentle disposition makes them ideal companions for those seeking a devoted and resilient canine companion!

Diesel’s videos are truly a delight to watch, especially when Nana comes for a visit. Everyone deserves a dog that greets them with this much excitement!

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