Most of us have heard the advice that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But in case anyone has forgotten, there is a little pig who drove this whole idea home.

On September 4, TikTok user Milo & Luna (@milo.und.luna) shared a video of a mini pig that doesn’t let their small size stop them. Take a look.


♬ Originalton – MILO & LUNA 🐷

In a 15-second video, we really get to see what this tiny pig is made out of, which is a lot of determination.

The video starts with the little pig standing in front of the couch. It looks like they really want to jump up to the cushions, but being as small as they are, it’s not clear how or if they’ll make the jump.

So, piggy doesn’t jump into it right away. Instead, they wiggle their butt while oinking, giving the impression that they’re hyping themselves up.

The little guy believes now is the time where pigs should learn to fly and after giving one last wiggle, he makes his attempt to jump up to the couch.

And he makes it! He gets up on the couch and makes his way over to a fuzzy blanket that’s piled onto the couch. We’re guessing he’s going to find a comfortable spot on the blanket and take a well deserved nap.

In the comment section, it’s very clear that the sweet pig has an army of fans.

“What a cute Boston Terrier,” one viewer joked.

“Okay, I’m the only one that heard the mission impossible theme in the oinks?” another asked.

“The little power up oinks,” added a TikTok viewer.

“He literally hyped him self up to launch,” another noticed.

“Ok but when pigs fly. . .” someone else wrote.

“OMG that wiggle and build up to the jump was hilarious. That is the cutest little pig,” another shared.

According to the American Mini Pig Association, American Mini Pigs come in a variety of colors and markings, and measure 15-20 inches at the top of shoulders.

They’re also known for having an “even temperament, friendly disposition, intelligent and highly trainable.”

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