When school children begin the new year, parents and teachers often take photographs to commemorate the occasion. These sweet photos capture the excitement of being together with friends again. It makes perfect sense dogs would enjoy the first day of school, too.

TikTok user @thehairypawinn shows us the fur babies who are happy to be back in class! In a video posted on August 31st, we see these adorable pups starting the year off right.


We 100% have the best pups 😍🐾 #doggydaycare #dogsoftiktok #daycare #dogsoftiktok #backtoschool #fyp

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Oh my goodness, these babies couldn’t be cuter! We see them playing out in the yard where a beautiful shepherd is walking through a muddy tunnel, and its friends joyfully wait on the other side. This group of dogs appears to get along so beautifully, and it’s clear they’re having a blast together.

These kids also wore big smiles and dressed up for their first-day photos. There’s the beautiful and studious golden, all dressed up and holding a stuffed pencil toy in her mouth. A German shepherd sitting pretty with scrunchies around each ear like pigtails. A chocolate lab who is a beautiful purple T-shirt, has a grin that stretches from ear to ear. Even a tiny corgi wasn’t to be outdone by the shepherd. She also has scrunchie pigtails, along with an adorable pink and white striped top. A charming Frenchie and Weimaraner round out the list wearing their best casual clothes and yellow baseball caps.

The audience fell in love with this class. One person said, “I’m so in the wrong damn profession! These are the best ever!” For real, it’s a great job to have. Another viewer responded, “I feel like the opportunity to say, Welcome Bark to School, was missed.” Ha! That’s a great way to put it. Maybe they’ll use that next year. Viewer @EllyYh-Dc asked, “I’m an early childhood educator but how can I become a doggo teacher lol.” It’s an elite group of students to teach. Especially since they spend more than half the day napping.

This would be the only class we’d ever want to be in front of. It’s a job that must leave you feeling quite happy at the end of the day.

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