Puppy hotels are a great resource for parents who can’t travel everywhere with their pup. Not only does the dog have fun, you also get the sweet moments when it’s time to reunite.

As we can clearly see in this TikTok from Wednesday, September 6th, the moment you see your puppy after a long stay in a hotel is certainly magical:


And then there’s Brick at the end #reunion #dogreunitedwithowner #dogreunion #emotionaldogvideo #dogtok

♬ Home (Slowed) – Edith Whiskers

Even though the dogs had a good time with @spotonvet, we can just tell they were all too excited to see their parents again!

A lot of places offer boarding services for all different kinds of dogs. They’re usually separated by size: you can’t really risk hefty golden retrievers stepping on tiny chihuahuas, for example. The dogs usually sleep in kennels and then come out during the day to exercise and play.

A good boarder won’t leave the dogs in the kennel for the entire day; the majority of it should be spent exercising, playing, and socializing with other dogs. Leaving the dog in the kennel could trigger anxiety: they’re more likely to think they’ve been abandoned if they can’t get out.

Regardless of whether or not the kennel treated your dog well, though, you can expect this kind of reaction. The dog is going to be over-the-moon excited to see you even if they were treated like actual royalty. You’re their person!

When attempting to vet a boarder for your dog, you should always:

  • Look at the reviews.
  • Look at the pictures in the reviews, not just what the boarder posts.
  • Ask questions. Ask lots of them.
  • If possible, take a tour of the facility first so you can see how they run things.
  • Make sure they have experience with your specific breed.

Never take a dog’s reaction to seeing you for the first time after time apart as an indication of how they were treated. You should look for signs of injury: wounds, limping, whimpering, as well as signs of malnutrition.

When we took my Boston terrier to a boarder the first and only time, the boarder literally did everything right. We received pictures and updates regularly, but she actually advised us not to do it again because of how anxious he was. Make sure you have those conversations after every boarding stay!

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