You’ve got to see this hilarious TikTok from @mamacares9000 about being a full-time pet sitter! It’s like a crash course in the life of a pet sitter, and trust me, it’s not your ordinary gig! This TikToker is bringing the humor and nailing all the hilarious quirks that come with the job.

The video from Monday, August 14th, starts with this creator brilliantly explaining mealtime strategies. You know, that classic lick-mat technique to convince those finicky furry friends that their food is the ultimate gourmet delight.


is there a hairbrush filter?? we love our quirky doggie !! #dogloversoftiktok #dogsitterlife #dogsitting #longervideos #longervideosontiktok #nobodycaresbutmama

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Speaking of walking the dog, they’ve also cracked the code on what to do when you get back from a walk. It’s like a secret ritual: as soon as you step through that door, you’ve got to belt out “Do you know the muffin man?” in your best sing-song voice, but with some slight editing to the lyrics.

As we see, the video is chock-full of these amusing moments that are more than relatable for any pet parent or pet sitter. It’s all there, captured with a fantastic dose of humor.

In addition, this video subtly touches on an essential aspect of helping your pets feel more comfortable with a new pet sitter. Whether you’re away for a day or longer, ensuring your four-legged friends are at ease while you’re not around is critical. Familiar routines, a comfy environment, and a sprinkle of TLC can make all the difference.

So, if you’re ready for a good laugh and a glimpse into the wild world of being a full-time pet sitter, give that TikTok a watch. It’s like a hilarious reminder that the joy, chaos, and endless affection that come with our furry friends are all part of the package and make life all the more entertaining.

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