Dogs are incredibly social animals that operate on a pack mentality. They love to be included in their family’s activities, love to come along for the ride. There is one breed in particular that is known to be especially clingy, and it’s so sweet.

On Monday, July 31, Instagram user @harveytherescue shared a video featuring her rescue Pit Bull, Harvey. In the clip, she demonstrates why Pitties are called “velcro dogs,” and the reason is just too precious. You won’t want to miss it!

Oh my goodness, this is just so cute! This dog mom posted several clips of Harvey that show him being quite the clingy pup! He is always sitting right next to his humans, laying on top of them, or even crawling into the shirt his mom is wearing. In fact, he even has a deep attachment to the other dogs in his life and is always pressed against them while cuddling. The sweetness is off the charts!

Pit Bulls, often unfairly misunderstood due to negative stereotypes, are actually incredibly sweet and affectionate dogs. Known for their strong bond with humans, Pit Bulls thrive on human interaction and are quick to shower their owners with unconditional love. When cared for properly, Pit Bulls are only dangerous to those who threaten their family.

Their loyal and gentle nature makes them wonderful companions for families and individuals alike. In fact, their eagerness to please and inherent desire to be part of a loving pack often lead them to exhibit remarkable kindness and patience with children. With proper training, socialization, and responsible ownership, Pit Bulls can prove to be some of the sweetest and most devoted four-legged friends, shattering misconceptions and highlighting their true, loving essence.

When it comes to Pit Bulls like Harvey, there is simply no such thing as personal space. If this pup could figure out how to fuse himself with his mom, we imagine he’d jump at the chance!

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