There’s few things more exciting than a baby, and for animal lovers, a newborn or newly hatched animal is a major cause for celebration. This is why staff and attendees of one mid-west zoo are over the moon about this latest development.

The Toledo Zoo shared a video on Thursday, August 24, featuring a new resident at their zoo: an ostrich chick named Denny! The clip explains the baby’s environment at the zoo and some of the cute things they have noticed about him thus far. Denny is irresistible!


Keeper Sheyenne introduces us to Denny, our outrageously adorable Ostrich chick who loves doing “happy spins” in the Barnyard exhibit! 😍 #toledozoo #toledoohio #ostrich #ostrichtiktok #babyostrich #ostrichegg #ostrichesoftiktok #denny #cuteanimals #funnyanimals

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Awww, Denny is just the cutest! When the egg was laid, his zoo keepers removed him from the exhibit and incubated him artificially because there was a concern the egg would not survive in the Africa exhibit since it is a mixed species exhibit and there was concern about harm coming to Denny. Now, he is being hand reared by his zoo keepers and having plenty of fun in the barnyard exhibit!

Baby ostriches undergo a fascinating and rapid development process. Hatching from their distinctive large eggs, these young birds emerge with a remarkable instinct for survival, and their initial days are marked by the need for warmth, protection, and nourishment, often provided by the watchful care of their parents, or, as in Denny’s case, his attentive zookeepers.

As they grow, baby ostriches display an astonishing growth rate, with some individuals doubling their size within the first month, which is why Denny has grown so large in less than three months since he hatched. Their fluffy down feathers gradually give way to the distinctive plumage of their species. As they develop, their legs, designed for speed and endurance, become more robust, propelling them toward independence. The journey from hatching to adulthood showcases the resilience and adaptability of these remarkable creatures!

We can’t wait to see how Denny continues to grow and develop under the care of his caretakers at the zoo. The people of Toledo are so lucky to have him!

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