Depending on your proximity to the shoreline, it’s not uncommon to see seagulls in restaurant parking lots. They’re often just trying to score an easy meal of leftover bread or french fries. Who could blame them for wanting to get a taste of our delectable fast food?

This bird, however, didn’t want anyone’s leftovers. In the video dated August 8th, TikTok user @uk_meme_ shows us what she found a seagull doing at the grocery store.


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What a smart bird! We suspect he must have been watching the area for some time. Presumably, after a customer exited the store, the automatic doors remained open, allowing him to walk in. He makes a B-Line to the open refrigerated case. He hops up and plucks out a sandwich, which he drops on the floor. That one didn’t suit his tastes, so he grabs another. He pecks at this sandwich a bit and takes a few bites as he waits for the doors to open. Seeming to understand that it’s a movement that operates them, he paces back and forth. Unfortunately for him, he’s not heavy enough to trigger them. He picks up his stolen sandwich and moves closer, waiting for them to open so he can make his escape.

Finally, a kind passerby notices his dilemma and moves towards the door to open them. He picks up the loot and takes it outside. Another woman comes along and tries to shoo him away, but he isn’t giving up his food. She decides it’s not worth the fight and heads into the store to do her grocery shopping, leaving him to enjoy his meal. It’s not like anyone could’ve eaten it anyway, so might as well let him fill his belly.

The audience was on team Seagull. Viewer @DivineProvidence777 responded, “Seagull says you take my fish from my ocean. I take your food from your store.” Fair enough. Viewer @Aida said, “Why is that lady trying to stop him? Lol. Leave that bird be.” We agree. Viewer @wavedude5 pointed out, “There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones that help you when you need it and the ones who try to make it harder on you.” That’s so true.

Hopefully, everyone else allowed this bird to eat his lunch in peace. He worked hard for it, after all.

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