The unfortunate reality of life is that not everyone cares for animals in the way they should, especially if they are their main caretaker. Thankfully there are others who are very healing for animals, and the difference they make in the lives of many animals is heartwarming.

On August 21, TikTok user The Gentle Barn (@thegentlebarn) shared a video of a gorgeous rescue horse trying a cookie for the first time. It’s emotional and beautiful, which means you have to give it a watch.


Replying to @Mak Marley tries his first cookie 🥹

♬ A Gentle Sunlight – James Quinn

The video is a response to a comment that was left on a different video from The Gentle Barn. The comment reads: “I am bawling over a horse right now. Oh my God.”

The previous video where the comment was left, The Gentle Barn introduced their audience to Marley, a rescue horse who has had a very challenging life so far.

“We got an urgent call from a worried couple about their senior horse with a severe back injury being bullied, so we drove 16 hours to bring Marley home to our animal sanctuary in California,” the caption of the previous video explained.

“He has an injured back from being ridden harshly by a trainer, and because he struggled to get to food and water at his boarding facilities, he’s thin.”

To reply to the comment left on that video, the TikTok account shared a video of Marley’s first taste of a cookie.

“Do you want to try your first cookie,” she says while walking up to Marley to get him smell it before deciding if he wants to give it a taste. He did, and from the moment he started chewing, it’s was clear this sweet soul loved the tasty snack — and the people who left a comment felt it, too.

“he’s nodding, as if he understands,” one person shared.

“[You] will get them everyday for the rest of your life … I can’t stop crying.”

“I’m seriously crying this is the most wholesome thing you’re the most amazing person,” shared someone else.

“Your voice is so calming to him it’s like a warm blanketed hug,” added another. “He’s so grateful.”

We’re so glad Marley has found his forever home where he will be pampered and treated with all the love he deserves.

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