If you are the parent of a beloved rescue dog, it’s unlikely that you know their birthday. And because this is true of most shelter dogs, August, or Dogust as it’s called, has become the month dedicated to celebrating those with dates unknown. To make it extra special for those still awaiting a home, one man is doing his part.

In the video posted on August 8th, TikTok user @aguyandagolden shows us how he’s bringing joy to dogs in need. It’s a heartwarming gesture that’s sure to make you smile.


Cant forget about the shelter doggos.

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What a good man. According to the ASPCA, over 6 million pets are said to enter shelters in the US each year, which is why he’s bringing these innocent animals a bit of joy, as they wait for their forever families.

He started the day at TJ Maxx, where they loaded up the shopping carts with dog toys. Then it was time to distribute the goods at the shelter. He began by giving the puppies their special toys first, which thrilled them. OMG, those tiny babies just couldn’t be any cuter. The big dogs were next, and they enjoyed getting their special gifts just as much. We see them wagging their tails wildly at the sight of their new toys. One jumps up and down as they approach his cage. Some chewed on them, others shook them with excitement, happy to have something they could call their own. It’s hard anytime we see dogs without a home and family to love them. We hope these dogs have since found their people and are thriving in safe and loving environments.

This incredibly considerate gesture melted the hearts of audience members. Viewer @dragonsoul79 said, “You guys do so much for these dogs! It’s really sweet! I think it would be cool if you did a follow-up video on the dogs that got adopted!” It would be nice to see. Viewer @sunny responded, “May God bless you & duplicate your blessings! Thank you for doing that for those precious angels!” It’s comforting to know wonderful humans are all around us.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, consider adopting your new best friend instead of shopping. We can say first hand, these beautiful creatures make extraordinary companions.

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