When we move into a new home, one that will fit our family better than the one we’re leaving, there is a lot to celebrate. The same is true for dogs!

On TikTok, user michelle (@michelleejg) shared a sweet video of two dogs who are visiting their new home for the first time, and they look just like excited little kids. Take a look!


They’re so excited 🥰 #newhouse #apartmentdog #doglife #pittie #pitbull #miniaussie #heartwarming

♬ BRENT MORGAN What Dreams Are Made Of – Brent Morgan

In an 11-second video clip, we see two dogs who are walking through an empty home. The two are walking from room to room and they look like they’re literally smiling. 

As they jump, run, and hop through the rooms, they two dogs seem to speak to each other in looks, like they’re the happiest puppies in the whole world.

“POV: You’re no longer apartment dogs. You’re seeing your new house and yard for the first time,” the text on the video reads.

The mood is set even more in the video since the song “What Dreams Are Made Of” by Brent Morgan played through the clip.

“They’re so excited,” the caption of the video reads.

Of course, the comment section of the video was full of people who really felt the joy and excitement through the video.

“Their little high 5,” one viewer noted.

“The way they ran up to each other with so much happiness,” another wrote.

“Awwww the little one was like YOU SEEIN THIS?!” someone else shared.

“Crying [because] this is all I want for my babies,” admitted another viewer.

“My clients from a couple months back sent me a video like this and I was in TEARS. I’m so glad your babies have more room to run around,” added someone else.

“OMG! Heartwarming!!!!” shared another.

According to Moving.com, if you’re moving with a new dog there are a few things you can do to help them adjust.

“Dogs are creatures of habit and routine, and a change in environment can cause some understandable anxiety,” the site explains. 

They suggest keeping a routine for your dog, giving them space to run out their energy, packing an essential bag, and giving them a lot of attention as a few first steps to helping the transition into a new home.

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