Taking your dogs out for dinner isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Between people walking by and other canine diners, it can be a less than relaxing experience. That’s why this dog mom found the perfect solution to this problem, and it’s pup approved too.

These pooches are loving their new wheels! In a video dated August 12th, TikTok user @countrysidetails shows us how they feel about their new ride.


The girls have got some new wheels…🛞🎉 (please note we walk the girls every day, this is for when we go out for dinner or a holiday in the UK, so they have somewhere nice to relax in!) We’ve been kindly gifted a @wonderfoldwagonuk! 😍 We just tried it out, the girls are in their element…😂 Who needs a carriage when you’ve got a wagon…🙌 Thank you so much ❤️ #wonderfold #wonderfoldfam #wonderfoldwagon #sallyandwinnie #sausagedog #dachshund #miniaturedachshund #dogs #dachshundsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Countryside Tails

We love this idea! We see them being pushed down the street in their fabulous new doggy wagon. They are barking and squealing with joy, and they couldn’t be cuter. Both have their paws up on the railing, looking over the edge as they ride along. This special wagon has nicely vented sides and a super plush interior. This is the life! What a nice way to bring your pets out with you. Not only does it keep them contained, but it also offers them a soft place to sleep and relax. In crowded spaces or around larger animals, it protects these small dogs from harm. It surely provides their parents with the peace they need to enjoy a meal, without having to keep their beloved pets at home. It’s tough to head out for dinner after a long day at work and leave the furry kids behind. Thankfully, they won’t have to be left at home anymore.

The audience enjoyed seeing these ladies travel. Some people had concerns they weren’t being walked, but their mom assured us she walks and exercises them daily. This is just for taking them out on holiday or out to dinner. We’d like to go in this too. Viewer @Marisa responded, “Sausage mobile or wiener wagon.” That’s the perfect name. It is a great way to take the kids out for a stress-free night on the town. If both of ours would fit, we’d take them in this as well.

We’d love to see a few pups in a wagon next time we are dining out. It would most definitely make any dining experience even more enjoyable.

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