Get ready to swoon and have your heart stolen because a TikTok from @happilyrennerafter that showcases a wedding day unlike any other! It features a couple tying the knot, and right there with them, stealing the show with her furry charm is their precious Cockapoo, Wren! 

As viewers see, this wedding had a magical twist that melted hearts and brought smiles. The couple decided to make Wren a part of their big day, and the result? Utterly adorable and unforgettable! The best part? They had no strict plans or rehearsed moves for their beloved pup.


Wren thought the whole day was for her 🥺 Thank you @GFTG | Wedding Content Creator for capturing the best memories 🤍 📸: Brooke Miller Photography #weddingtiktok #dogwedding #dogtok

♬ This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) – Natalie Cole

They let Wren be herself, and she shined! The TikTok captured all the heartwarming moments, starting with Wren eagerly running ahead of her human mom as she gracefully walked down the aisle. Who needs flower petals when a tail-wagging, joyful pup leads the way?

But Wren’s charm didn’t stop there. As the couple shared their first dance, she stayed close to her parents, savoring the magic of the moment. It’s like she knew she was witnessing something extraordinary and wanted to be a part of it.

Including your fur baby on your wedding day is such a heartwarming idea. They’re not just pets— they’re family, and having them there to share in the love and celebration makes the day all the more special.

However, having your pup at your wedding does require some thoughtful planning. From choosing a dog-friendly venue to designating a responsible pup handler, there are steps to ensure your furry friend has a blast on your big day.

But as the clip showed, you don’t need a detailed script for your pup’s role. Let them roam, wag, and explore, and their spontaneity will create memories you’ll cherish forever.

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