Some dogs love welcoming another member into their pack, while others are more weary about newcomers. This is usually the case when one dog is an energetic and rambunctious puppy, just as was the case for this doggy duo.

TikTok user @tracyfosterling is a mom to two Great Pyrenees and a foster puppy named Toby in Florida. On Monday, August 7, she shared a sweet clip showing the evolution of Toby winning the love of his foster brothers. It’s sure to put a smile on your face!


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Oh my goodness, this is the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen! These two Great Pyrenees weren’t quite sure how they felt about their foster brother at first, but these gentle giants were patient with the puppy, and Toby quickly stole their hearts. While he will eventually be adopted by another family, he will always remember the Great Pyrenees brothers that welcomed him with love and open paws!

Not only did these two brothers help Toby adjust to the absence of his sister, but they taught him how to play and interact with other dogs. Proper socialization for puppies is of paramount importance as it lays the foundation for their overall well-being and behavior throughout their lives.

During the critical developmental period in their early months, puppies learn to navigate the world around them, understand different environments, and interact with various people, animals, and stimuli. Adequate socialization helps them develop essential life skills such as communication, confidence, and adaptability, which are crucial for preventing fear and aggression later in life.

Interactions with adult dogs like these Great Pyrenees are especially important as they allow puppies to learn more about the canine social hierarchy and acquire a sense of confidence and security, as they observe and mimic the behaviors of more experienced companions. This helps develop a well-rounded and balanced temperament, reducing the likelihood of future fear-based behaviors or aggression.

While Toby may have be a chaotic whirlwind of puppy energy and emotions, his two foster siblings are taking it in stride and giving him the kind of attention that will serve him well in the long run. His future family should sent these Great Pyrenees siblings some treats and a thank you card.

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