It’s always fun to be introduced to a new puppy and see all the energy and joy they bring. A new puppy has entered the family at the University of Connecticut (UConn) and is adorable.

On TikTok, the official TikTok of Jonathan, the Husky, the official mascot of UConn, introduced their newest Husky, and he’s already captured people’s hearts. You have to watch!


Hi, I’m Jonathan XV, @UConn’s incoming mascot! #dogtok #mascot #husky

♬ Happy Cute & Playful – Yevhen Lokhmatov

The video is just under a minute long and we’re introduced to the incoming Husky puppy who will join the UConn family.

“Hi, my name is Jonathan the 15th. Come with me on my first photo shoot as UConn’s incoming mascot,” the sweet voiceover says. “When we first got to campus, I made sure to get a good sniff of all the dogs who’d been here before me. And there were a lot.”

We follow Jonathan as he walks around campus, meets up with his big brother, and fights with his leash. “People tell me that my favorite part of UConn is gonna be the basketball programs,” the voiceover adds, “and I think they’re right.”

Jonathan, being a puppy, is so full of energy, and the comment section is filled with people welcoming the Husky pup into the UConn family.

“This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen OMG,” one comment read.

“We need you two at the law school,” another shared.

“Best. Photo. Shoot. Ever!!” added someone else.

“Precious lil baby puppy,” wrote another viewer.

“He’ll soon be a fixture walking on campus with Jonathan XIV, and eventually attending University events as his training progresses and he is ready for the spotlight,” UConn explains in an article welcoming Jonathan XV.

“Huskies named Jonathan have represented UConn dating back to 1935 in honor of Jonathan Trumbull, the last colonial governor and first state governor of Connecticut,” the university explains. “Alpha Phi Omega has helped to care for the Jonathans since the 1970s, including this perky newcomer.”

Welcome, Jonathan XV!

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