All dog parents know that their dog is special. Perhaps they have an uncanny ability to use speech buttons, or maybe they are especially adept at agility competitions. One dog is putting the pressure on his fellow canines to hone their talents with his natural ability.

TikTok user @frankthetank0979 recently shared a video of his English Bulldog, Frank, doing just that. In the clip, this pup absolutely nailed his first time waterskiing, and everyone is in disbelief! You won’t believe it unless you watch it yourself.


Frank The Tank’s first time on the water!!🌊🐶#bulldog #fyp #waterski #dog #skiing #foryoupage #frankthetank

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Wow, Frank is certainly one talented dog! Despite the fact that this is his first time on the water, he had no problem staying afloat, riding the waves, and letting his ears flap in the wind. He’s loving this lake day!

While Bulldogs are not one of the dog breeds that have a natural affinity for water, Frank is breaking stereotypes. Due to their stocky bodies, short legs, and heavy facial structure, Bulldogs tend to struggle when it comes to swimming and navigating through water. Their dense body composition and lack of buoyancy make it challenging for them to stay afloat. Additionally, their facial folds and short noses can make breathing difficult, further limiting their ability to enjoy aquatic environments. This is why it’s so important to put your pup in a life jacket if you take them on the water, just like Frank is wearing!

People in the comments are loving this show of athleticism from Frank the Tank. “He’s getting fancy at the end with the leaning side to side. So cute!” said TikTok user @shellemma44.

Other viewers, such as @k_sunshine5, are convinced Frank is a special type of Bulldog for his ability to pull this stunt off. “Two types of Bulldogs: this dude and mine that would be too terrified to even be near the water,” she commented.

There’s no doubt that there are very few dogs that are doing life like Frank. This pup is all about living in the moment and isn’t afraid to try something new like waterskiing!

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