All any cat parent wants is to give their fur baby the best possible life. While some people can afford the best foods and plenty of toys, this isn’t possible for everyone. Luckily, one expert is helping cat parents save money without sacrificing quality.

TikTok user @missfeministkitty is a certified cat nutritionist, and she recently shared a video with some great information for cat parents. In the clip, she shares four of the best budget-friendly cat foods so all cats can still eat good, even on a budget!


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Wow, this is great! This nutritionist highly recommends paté cat foods, and says that, to no one’s surprise, Fancy Feast Classic Paté is the winner when it comes to nutrition and affordability. She also says that Tiny Tiger by Chewy, Dave’s Natural Paté, and Kirkland Signature’s variety pack are also excellent choices for cats on a budget.

What all of these foods have in common is that they avoid by-products, are low in carbohydrates, and are high in meat-based protein, so look for these features of food when buying for your kitty.

A few other important cat nutrition tips to remember are that cats are carnivores, so ensure the food you choose has a high meat content. Avoid feeding your cat a solely vegetarian or vegan diet, as it may lead to nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, cats often have a low thirst drive, so it’s crucial to encourage hydration, and one way to do this is adding wet food to their diet to increase water intake, or even mixing extra water into their wet food.

People in the comments are loving the advice this cat nutritionist gives to her viewers. “I’ve started buying the Fancy Feast paté because of you! My cat loves it,” said TikTok user @kdeevs.

We are so glad to see so many people taking this nutritionists advice to heart. Everyone’s kitties will be better off now that their parents are armed with these budget-friendly food recommendations!

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