All any dog parent wants is to know their fur baby is happy and healthy. While your dog isn’t able to confirm this to you verbally, there are a few others ways to tell.

TikTok user @martytheween is an account for an adorable miniature Dachshund named Marty run by his mom. With the help of her pup, she recently shared 5 signs that your dog is comfortable with you and they’re absolutely precious!

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Awwww, we just love this so much! Marty demonstrated the different ways that a dog shows they trust their human, such as allowing his mom to bath him and exposing her belly to her. We are happy to report that our dogs do everything that Marty demonstrates in this video!

Many of these signs in the video show a dog’s comfort because it puts them in a vulnerable position, yet they do not feel the need to protect themselves. For example, when an animal exposes their stomach just like Marty did, they bare the part of their body that is most susceptible to injury but it isn’t a concern because they feel safe and secure around their human.

Similarly, a dog that has fears surrounding food likely won’t eat in front of people. Often, dogs that have experienced difficult getting access to food will take their meals to a secluded area of the house or yard to eat in order to protect it from potential stealing. If your dog is eating in front of you without a care in the world, that means they know you are going to let them eat their full!

Each of these signs demonstrates a way that a persons dog feels comfortable around them, and dogs that don’t do the majority of these like have complicated living situations in their past or present. Remember to love and care for your dog even if they don’t do any of these actions that Marty is showing in the video!

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