Shown here are board members of the Coronado Fourth of July, which expanded its board. L-R back row: Doug Clarke, Debra Balsley, Dave Szymanski, Robert Kracht, Andrew Gade. Front row: Carrie Downey, Judy Clarke, Kathy Summers, Jennifer Stein. Not pictured: Maggie Hannegan and Jamie Hartnett. Photo courtesy of Coronado Fourth of July.

Coronado Fourth of July (CFOJ) has expanded its Board of Directors with the appointments of several new members, the organization announced.

Officials said the move was to ensure continued success and effectiveness in its mission to produce and execute an inspirational, family-friendly community experience celebrating Independence Day.

The day-long events attract more than 100,000 visitors to Coronado.

Joining the CFOJ board of directors are Debra Balsley, Doug Clarke, Carrie Downey, Andrew Gade, Jamie Hartnett, Kathy Summers and Dave Szymanski.

“As we continue to focus on producing a great event for the Coronado community and as we look forward to our 75th anniversary next year,” Robert Kracht, interim president of the Coronado Fourth of July Board of Directors, said. “It became clear to the CFOJ Board that we continue to grow and make sure the board is representative of a variety of
Coronado voices.”

The new board members join Kracht (interim president), Maggie Hannegan (vice president), Judy Clarke and Jennifer Stein.

The CFOJ Coronado Fourth of July is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The group’s primary objective is to organize and fund the Coronado Independence Day festivities, including the renowned parade, fireworks and other day-of-event activities.

It is an all-volunteer group.

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