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As the days grow longer and the temperature begins to rise, the spring season ushers in a time of renewed energy and fresh opportunities – including the perfect time to sell your home.

From increased market activity to favorable school schedules, there are several reasons why the spring season is often seen as the best time to sell a home.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why now can be a great time to list your property and how you can take advantage of this historically busy time in the real estate market.

With warmer weather, potential buyers are encouraged to go outside and explore the local real estate market.

Buyers attend open houses

And buyers are more likely to attend open houses and schedule viewings when the weather is comfortable, dry, and sunny. According to Redfin, homes listed in the spring sell an average of 15 days faster than homes listed in the winter.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in 2022, March and April were the months with the highest number of existing-home sales, with a total of 1.3 million homes sold nationally during those months.

Additionally, the same report showed that home sales during the spring season were higher than any other season throughout the year. This increased market activity can lead to more showings, more offers, and potentially a quicker sale for your property.

Another way to improve home sales in the spring is to have more attractive curb appeal, which can make your property stand out to potential buyers.

Curb appeal helps sales

Homes with excellent curb appeal can sell for up to 7% more than homes with average or poor curb appeal, according to Zillow. Further, by listing your property during the spring season, you can take advantage of Coronado’s natural beauty.

Also, listing your property in the spring season can appeal to families who are looking to move before the start of the next school year, as the National Association of Realtors reports that more than half – 52% – of buyers in 2022 had children under the age of 17 living at home.

A report from Redfin found that the number of buyers with children who searched for homes increased by 26% from January to May in 2022. This suggests that families with school-aged children may be more active in the housing market during the spring season.

Additionally, according to a Redfin survey, the number of properties for sale rises by 5% on average from March to April, with greater increases observed in select markets.

More choices in the spring

This implies that there might be more choices available to buyers in the spring, which could result in more intense competition and possibly a higher sale price for your home.

The spring season has always been a great time to sell real estate. With increased market activity, favorable school schedules, and the allure of springtime renewal, many buyers are eager to find their dream home during this time.

As a seller, it’s important to take advantage of this busy season by properly preparing your property, pricing it appropriately, and working with an experienced real estate agent to navigate the competitive market.

If you’re considering selling your home this spring, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for more information on how you can take advantage in the market and sell your property successfully.

As a trusted and experienced real estate agent in your area, I’m here to help guide you through the process and ensure a smooth and successful sale. Contact me today to get started on your home selling journey! (619) 568-0568

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