Meet the editorial board of The Coronado News. Photo by Madeline Yang.

So, why would yet another media publication want to come to Coronado?

Perhaps the better question may be: Why wouldn’t The Coronado News want to come to a city with its storied history, pristine beaches and amazing people?

Yes, we know numerous outlets have come and gone over the years, but we ask that you give us an opportunity.

Since launching at the end of January, we have profiled key players in the community like Mayor Richard Bailey and former Coronado teacher turned School Board President Renee Cavanaugh.

And, we have a dedicated, full-time reporter to cover City Hall and Coronado schools.

We will cover the U.S. Navy, businesses, community events and have a little fun with “Pet of the Week” and “Coronado Love Letter” on page 2 of our weekly paper.

And we strongly believe in a free press.

We fundamentally agree with a 2022 Northwestern Medill School of Journalism report that found communities without an independent news outlet often turn to social media for their information, resulting in a rise in the spread of misinformation and political polarization.

While our news coverage will be balanced, on this page our editorial board will be independent, and we invite you to send us op-eds and letters to the editor.

Further, we are thrilled that these pages will include editorial cartoonist Lisa Benson, a California native who is one of the few female syndicated editorial cartoonists in America, and Jack Ohman, a Pulitzer Prize winner and fellow Californian.

Paul Huntsman

Currently, our editorial board has three members: Paul Huntsman, Amy Hall and Craig Harris. We are actively looking for another member who has Coronado roots to help us pen editorials for these pages.

Huntsman joins the board with experience in local news. He is credited for saving the Salt Lake Tribune in 2016 during a time when small newspapers were dying out. A year later, the Tribune won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage on the treatment of sexual assault victims at Brigham Young University.

Paul Huntsman is majority owner of The Coronado News and is a member of the editorial board.

“My involvement with the Salt Lake Tribune has taught me that good, high quality journalism leads to the betterment of communities,” Huntsman said.

Now chairman of the Tribune’s board of directors, Huntsman turned the paper into a nonprofit operation, the first metropolitan daily in the U.S. to do so.

He is also the president and CEO of Huntsman Family Investments, a private investment platform.

Prior to these roles, Huntsman was the senior vice president at Huntsman Gay Global Capital and vice president at Huntsman Corporation. He received a Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Utah and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

His mother grew up in San Diego and many of his family members reside in Coronado.

So, he considers the island, where he has part-time residence, his second home.

“I care deeply about what is going on and the future of the community,” said Huntsman. “The best way to participate and help in that effort is to ensure that we have high quality journalism.”

Huntsman is a lifelong Republican and has strong support for the military, especially the U.S. Navy. He strongly believes in a free-market economy, and wants to see small and large businesses thrive.

Amy Hall

Hall has led several fundraising efforts for nonprofits alongside her husband Derrick, both of whom are cancer survivors.

For the past 20 years, she has chaired academic, athletic and fundraising events through her children’s school and club sport affiliations in California and Arizona.

One of her greatest passions has been working hand-in-hand with her children at over two dozen not-for-profit organizations.

Hall graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Justice Studies and a minor in English. She is currently in her fourth year as a member of The Board of Visitors, Arizona’s oldest women’s charitable organization, serving the needs of women, children and the elderly.

She serves as secretary on the board of directors for JoyBus, a local nonprofit that assists individuals battling cancer by preparing and arranging the delivery of fresh and healthy meals to their homes.

Hall and her husband Derrick created the Pro-State Foundation to bring awareness to and provide support for those diagnosed with prostate cancer.

While a resident of Arizona, Hall first fell in love with San Diego while vacationing during her childhood. She now enjoys spending free time at her part-time home in Coronado with her husband, three adult children and two labs.

Amy Hall is a cancer survivor and member of the editorial board.

“It is an honor to be a part of the editorial board, where I hope to contribute in a meaningful way with my view of the island, the country, and the world,” Hall said.“I am thrilled to be a part of a new endeavor that I believe in and one that values the thoughts and viewpoints of a woman, wife, and mother.”

Craig Harris

Harris begins his 32nd year in journalism with the News, after most recently being an investigative business reporter for USA TODAY.

Huntsman said he picked the right person to run The Coronado News in Harris.

“I’ve become acquainted with Craig Harris through my involvement in journalism and have great respect for his talents and abilities, and we’re extremely fortunate to have someone of his caliber to lead our efforts,” Huntsman said. “We look forward to engaging The Coronado News with the community.”

For much of the past two decades, Harris has vacationed in Coronado and always told his family that it would be his dream to one day run a newspaper here.

Craig Harris is editor of The News.

He has journalism degrees from the University of Oregon and Arizona State University, and he’s been a Republican for three decades. Yet, he’s non-partisan when it comes to exposing wrongdoing.

An investigation he did in Arizona under a GOP governor on the wrongful firings of state workers who were mostly women, people of color and LGBTQ resulted in more than 40 getting their jobs back.

“This is a dream come true,” Harris said of running the News. “I’ve been blessed with an amazing staff, and I appreciate so many people in Coronado who have welcomed us – and given us advice.”

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