City council members in meeting. Photo by Madeline Yang.

A new project on the Coronado Cays has several local residents and city officials upset and unsettled as waterfront land in the area is slated to be turned into an RV resort, occupying a 7-acre site.

“There was not a single person here that wanted to do this,” Council member Carrie Anne Downey said at Tuesday’s city council meeting. “Our citizens did what any elected official would want; they wrote letters, they showed up in person, they participated honestly, appropriately, respectfully.”

San Diego Port commissioners, however, earlier this month approved the project, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Commissioners have jurisdiction over the area.

The newspaper reported the commission is under increasing pressure from the California Coastal Commission to bring more affordable overnight accommodations to the coast.

But Coronado resident, Laurie McCormick said the new project will bring “too many people, too many cars, too much traffic.”

Downey said the council will be in “a mode now to get information…what our next steps will be.”

New project

As this project continues, another one is born in Coronado: An electric mini-shuttle program is potentially in the works to overtake in part, or in full, the summer shuttle program. 

Reasons for this new project include environmental health, fuel savings and public health, officials said. 

Right now there is a summer shuttle at Coronado provided by San Diego Metropolitan Transit System or MTS, according to Coronado resident and Emerald Keeper Amy Steward “four big buses with gas emissions” contribute high levels of pollution in the city. 

With this new electric mini shuttle program, residents are keen on being environmentally conscious while keeping the freedom of traveling about the island as they please, supporters said.

“So many seniors have told me how much they would like to have the option of using a small shuttle,” says retired Coronado resident Sharon Raffer, “[the shuttle] can become a billboard for climate friendly local transportation.”

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