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Op-Ed: This is what a truly united community looks like

We found Carolyn Rogerson’s  Op-Ed “Where are the Democrats in the Sewage Crisis?” to be divisive and uninformed.  Our community is 100% united and in common cause to find the answers to this increasing threat to the community – the poisonous sewage closing our beaches and sickening our population. In recent years, this alarming influx […]

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Op-Ed: Where are the Democrats in the ongoing Tijuana River sewage crisis?

On  Sept. 1,  a rally was held at Coronado’s Central Beach to call attention to the ocean water contamination due to continued sewage spills from Tijuana.  Imperial Beach has been dramatically impacted by this sewage crisis for decades and Coronado has suffered ocean water contamination at an increased rate these past several years.  Where were […]

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Op-Ed: Shoes: On? Or off?

She raises her eyebrow and gives me the look. “What? What!”, I respond, exasperated. Wordlessly, she looks down at my shoes. Ahhh, yes. My shoes. My daughter isn’t registering her disapproval about my choice of footwear, she’s registering a comment about the fact that I even have shoes on, at all. Indoors. Inside. Namely, indoors, […]

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Op-Ed: In response to “A Practical Solution to Ocean Pollution”

The South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant (SBIWTP) does not discharge or divert untreated sewage into the ocean.  While flows into the SBIWTP have averaged 8% above the plant’s design capacity over the past seven months, all flows into the plant are still treated and discharged through a pipeline to 3.5 miles offshore.  Furthermore, environmental […]

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Op-Ed: Life on the USS Carl Vinson

Watching jets land and planes take off from the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier under the brightest stars I’ve ever seen was a sight I never want to forget.  I was a part of seven other journalists from San Diego, Orange County, Belgium and France that had the opportunity to spend a night on the […]