On Friday, November 17, a widely loved employee of an elementary school in New Jersey received a major show of appreciation on his birthday. A recently shared video shows Cole, a deaf therapy dog, as the guest of honor for his school-wide birthday party.

There’s no denying that Cole is loved and appreciated by all the students at his school. They were sure to go above and beyond to make sure Cole knew that, too!


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Oh my goodness, Cole is just the cutest and most loved birthday boy we’ve ever seen! For his 7th birthday, the pup was wheeled around the gymnasium, where all of the students were gathered for the party. While the students used sign language to wish Cole a happy birthday, the pup chowed down on a yummy burger and opened a few presents. What a great celebration for a deserving dog!

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Cole has made headlines for being such an inspiration. This pup was adopted by his dad, a music teacher at a school in South Jersey, who began to realize that Cole could respond to sign language and was incredibly gentle. With this knowledge, Cole’d dad began the process of getting his pup registered as a therapy dog, knowing they could make a positive impact.

Now, Cole goes to work with his dad every day as the school’s resident therapy dog, but the duo also travels to other schools and hospitals to spread their message: “A disability is not an inability, it’s a superpower!” Cole and his dad use this pup’s disability to inspire kids to be kind and accepting of others’ differences.

Cole’s noble mission has not gone unnoticed. Earlier this year, Cole won the ASPCA’s National Dog of the Year award, and in 2019, he became the first dog to win the Philadelphia Phillies All-Star Teacher award.

It is clear that Cole has no shortage of admirers. No one can deny that his pup is worthy of all the love and praise he is receiving!

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