Frenchies may have tiny bodies, but don’t you dare let that fool you. A Frenchie has just as much sass in its body as you have in yours.

One mom decided to play a prank on her Frenchie on Monday, November 6th, and she was not prepared for the backlash:


Update: he still hasnt moved. 🤣 #fyp #dogsoftiktok

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Maria Makaila better free this man! What if he’s still standing there?

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In the video, she lays a square of tape onto the floor and sets him in it. Pretty much immediately, confusion sets in, and something strange happens: he’s stuck here. 

Of course, we as humans understand that he can just step over the tape. However, dogs’ brains don’t quite work that way: they see that barrier and, for some reason, believe that something has happened and they can’t move. The actual thought process is unexplainable, but there could be a few reasons:

  1. The dog hates tape and the way it feels on his paws. 
  2. Depth perception issues cause the dog to see a gap between the tape and the floor.
  3. It feels like it has to stay there because you put it there. 

Whatever the case, most pets are easily bamboozled with this little trick: even cats will sit when taped into a box. After a while, they’ll probably catch on and get bored of it, but it will fool them for a second. While that can be funny, you should also not let it go on for too long – stressing out your pup is not nice at all!

Dogs don’t hold grudges – odds are, this little guy got a treat and got over it in just a few minutes. If anyone has a really big dog to try this on, please let us know how it goes – I bet that would be positively hilarious! 

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