On Friday, October 27, an animal rescue shared a video about a furry friend they see often in their shelter. In this clip, Wags and Walks Rescue shares a video about six “little-known Pit Bull facts.” No one can resist this breed after seeing the list!

We have to admit, this video make a compelling argument in favor of this dog breed—Pitties are just irresistible!

Awww, these dogs are so precious! This video makes it clear that dogs who fall under the Pit Bull umbrella are incredible companions and loyal as can be. Anyone who welcomes one of these dogs into their home will receive nothing but pure love in return!

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Pit Bulls often endure unfair stereotypes that paint them as inherently aggressive or dangerous. These misconceptions stem from misinformation and sensationalized stories, overshadowing their loyal and affectionate nature. In reality, a dog’s behavior is largely shaped by its environment and upbringing, rather than its breed.

In fact, Pit Bulls are often incredibly gentle and loving companions. Their loyalty, affection, and protective nature make them devoted family members. With the right training, socialization, and responsible ownership, Pit Bulls often display a remarkable capacity for kindness and warmth, fostering deep bonds with their human counterparts.

The video with these Pit Bull facts was posted on the animal rescue’s Instagram account, @wagsandwalks, and viewers can’t help but feel their heart swell up over these dogs, vowing to adopt more of them in the future.

“Our Pit Bull is the sweetest most loving dog we’ve ever had. I’ll never rescue another breed again,” commented Instagram user @stephanielevich.

There’s no denying the pure and loving soul that every Pit Bull seems to have. We are so glad to see this breed is getting the praise they deserve!

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