On Thursday, October 19, Drusillas Park in Sussex, United Kingdom, shared a video featuring a handful of their residents embracing the autumnal season. The clips show a variety of zoo animals posing for photos with a “pumpkin head.” It’s just as cute as it sounds!

The footage from these pumpkin photoshoots was shared on the Zoo’s TikTok account, @drusillaspark, and people just can’t get enough. The photos couldn’t have turned out better!


You told us which animals to try this year, this is how they did 🎃 #pumpkinhead #pumpkinheadphotoshoot #pumpkinheadtrend #pumpkinheadchallenge #pumpkinheadshoot #zoo #animalpumpkinhead

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Oh my goodness, this is just adorable! Several pumpkins were carved for each other animals, and the zoo staff hung them in just the right way that allows the animals to place their faces behind the carved pumpkin. The ingenuity that went into orchestrating these photos is beyond impressive!

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People love autumn photoshoots for their pets and zoo animals because the season’s rich and warm colors provide the perfect backdrop for capturing the charm and beauty of their furry friends. However, animals also derive benefit from these activities. Allowing the animals to explore the carved pumpkin while snapping pictures is an excellent way to keep animals mentally stimulated.

Mental stimulation is crucial for zoo animals as it helps replicate their natural environments, encouraging physical and cognitive activity. This enrichment promotes healthier and happier animals, reducing stress and abnormal behaviors commonly observed in captive settings.

People in the comments are grateful that the zoo captured and shared these images with their social media followers. “Oh my God, so cute?! I am literally obsessed, this is the best thing since sliced bread,” said TikTok user @eddiehelmes.

There’s no denying everyone is better off after having seen those adorable pictures—it’s the perfect way to combined our two favorite things: animals and autumn!

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