Cows are adorable, but mini cows just take the cake. There is nothing better than a mini cow.

Okay, maybe one thing. Maybe a fluffy mini cow playing with her first toy ever is just a little better. You can be the judge of that:


Millie’s little bursts of excitement are everything.. 🥹😂 #cow #reaction #first #toy

♬ Good Vibes (Instrumental) – Ellen Once Again

Well, it looks like The Husky Fam knows exactly what to post to get me to absolutely lose it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter cow.

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There are two main types of people who own mini cows:

  1. Farmers who want products like meat or milk (typically have tons of space).
  2. Regular people who want to have cows for fun (often have less space).

Both types of people can definitely have happy, healthy cows. When you have a ton of space for the cows to run, graze, and play, you don’t need to purchase as much artificial enrichment: they can entertain themselves with the outdoors and each other.

If you’re just a regular person who has some extra space and you’d like to have a cow, though, you can make it work by giving them some toys to play with. The toy in the video is a ball attached to a rope that Millie, the mini Highland cow, can bat around. It’s also apple scented, which provides a whole new level of stimulation: it’s a whole new smell.

Ideally, when you have a cow, you have at least two. They’re very social and love to play. When this video was made, Millie was a lone cow, which meant she’d need some extra love and enrichment from her humans. However, since this video was posted, her parents got her a brother. He named himself Cheesy, and they’re already besties!

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