On Thursday, September 28, a farmer in Corydon, Indiana shared a very cool video about her hobby farm. The clip takes viewers on a tour of the enriching and stimulating playground her family built for their goats, and it’s beyond awesome.

The post was uploaded to TikTok user @eggsandbunnies‘s page where many people are applauding her for the fantastic environment and fun activities she cultivates for her animals. It’s just too cool to miss!


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Wow, this is just too cool! The items in the playground came from a mixture of Facebook Marketplace, were built by the family, or were given to them for free, and her husband built the bridges between the structures. Of course, the fun colors are the cherry on top and were spray painted by the farm owners.

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With all the activity happening in this playground, we can’t be surprised that some of the other animals on the farm like to come visit. The bunnies frequently access that area from their enclosure through an above ground tunnel and free roam, while the chickens and ducks often pop their heads in for a visit as well. Luckily, all of these animals get along very well!

Running a hobby farm is not an option for many people’s lifestyles, but for those who have the opportunity, the physical and mental benefits are plentiful.

The regular physical activity involved in tasks like planting, weeding, and tending to animals contributes to improved cardiovascular health and strength. Spending time outdoors exposes individuals to natural sunlight, which can boost vitamin D levels and enhance overall well-being.

As for the mental side, the responsibilities of caring for animals and tending to crops can instill a sense of purpose and accomplishment, boosting self-esteem and overall well-being. Additionally, connecting with the rhythms of nature promotes mindfulness and encourages a deeper connection with the world around us, fostering mental clarity and peace.

It’s wonderful to see that the animals all on this hobby farm are receiving top-notch care and love from their people. It’s so important to nurture your animals with enriching activities, just like these great people do!

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