Chicken coops don’t need to be anything super fancy. They’re chickens! They have no concept of luxury.

That certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t give them the fancy coops of our dreams, though. On Saturday, October 28th, a couple of chicken tenders finally finished an impressive renovation:


It took us ONE WHOLE YEAR and a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and four letter words to build the chicken coop of our dreams. Special thanks to @Spoonflower (and artist Norma Vela) for our whimsical and easy-to-clean Chicken Damask wallpaper! #drinkingwithchickens #chickencoop #chickensoftiktok

♬ C’est Magnifique – Peggy Lee

Drinking With Chickens definitely has a backup career as a home designer if chicken tending ever falls through. This is amazing!

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The chicken coop in the video is aesthetically gorgeous. Everything is prettier in pink, after all, and that wallpaper is one of the best things I have ever seen in my entire life. The nesting boxes, platforms, floor, and door are also painted pink. As long as this was all done with a safe paint (latex is the most common choice for chicken coops), all is well.

The important part about this chicken coop, however, is not even the way it’s painted that makes this a perfect coop for a healthy flock: it’s the fact that it’s so spacious and airy. We can see a massive screened-in section in the back that lets the birds get the fresh air they need while keeping them safe from all harm.

What these birds are being raised for is unclear: it seems like they might just be egg layers. Even so, you need healthy chickens to have healthy eggs. There is legitimately a big difference in size, consistency, and taste of eggs that were laid in healthy conditions vs. ones that weren’t.

Designing an adorable, adequately sized chicken coop took this family a lot of time, but it can definitely be simple – and cost effective. You can find and refurbish old furniture from thrift stores, paint it to match any theme you’d like. Alternatively, you could leave it plain: chickens don’t care, and wood can be beautiful all on its own!

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