Animal rescues are wonderful for a variety of reasons. Not only do they save the lives of animals in need, but they also help to educate the public and advocate on behalf of the animals they help. One rescue organization is showing yet another reason their work is so fun to witness.

Pacific Marine Mammal Center TikTok account, @pacificmmc, shared a video on Friday, September 1, featuring some of the seals and sea lions they’ve rescued. In the clip, they explain some of the “problems” these animals have, and it’s such a treasure!


We also wish the world was a big slip and slide too, Spatula! 🦭💙 #animalrescue #sealion #seal

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Awww, these marine animals are too cute and entertaining! Thanks to Pacific Marine Mammal Center, people all across the world can gain access to niche content like this and learn more about the behaviors and mannerisms of wild animals. This proves that these animals have a lot of spunk and personality, which is something many people don’t realize before seeing videos like this. We can’t get enough!

Seals and sea lions, both belonging to the pinniped family, which refers to the marine mammals that have front and rear flippers, share several similarities in their physical characteristics and habitats. Firstly, they are both marine mammals and have streamlined bodies adapted for swimming. Additionally, seals and sea lions are skilled divers, capable of holding their breath for extended periods and hunting underwater. They also possess webbed flippers, which aid in efficient swimming.

Despite their resemblances, there are significant differences that set seals and sea lions apart. One major distinction lies in their mobility on land. Seals are generally less agile and often use a caterpillar-like movement when they come ashore, relying on their bellies for propulsion. In contrast, sea lions have powerful flippers that enable them to walk on all fours and even run on land with relative ease. Additionally, their social behaviors vary, with sea lions typically being more gregarious and vocal, while seals tend to be more solitary and quieter in their interactions.

Once you understand the differences between these two sea mammals it becomes much easier to tell them apart. However, regardless of species, they are quite the characters!

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