FILE: A Stop the Sewage rally on Friday, Sept. 1. Staff photo by Sofie Fransen.

It’s too bad sewage on our beaches, an issue that is as nonpartisan as it gets, is being painted with partisan brush. (See the September 15 op-ed “Where are the Democrats in the ongoing Tijuana River sewage crisis?)

To blame the Democrats and divide our community around this public health crisis is counterproductive.

Instead, we must all come together.

At the recent Stop the Sewage rally, I saw Democrats and Republicans, young and old, long-time residents and new arrivals – all demanding a solution to this ongoing problem.

I urge everyone to call Gov. Newsom at 916 445-2841 and ask him to sign the state of emergency for Tijuana Sewage.

Let’s show our government what we, as a united community, can do.

Jean Seager


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