Pigs are adorable, even though they don’t sound like they should be. Their short little legs and cute snouts make these otherwise slightly gross animals too cute to resist.

The only thing that makes it even harder to resist, apparently, is the addition of zoomies and an exceptionally waggly tail:


♬ Originalton – MILO & LUNA 🐷

Milo and Luna might just be the cutest pigs on Earth, actually. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cuter pigs.

Milo and Luna are very small in this video, which may lead some people to believe that these are “teacup” pigs. Teacup pigs are marketed as being much smaller than a regular pig, and some are coerced into purchasing them by being made to believe that they stay small forever.

Truthfully, a “teacup pig” doesn’t actually exist. These are just potbelly pigs, which can get to be over 3 feet long and almost 200 pounds. In an effort to keep teacup pigs small, some breeders malnourish the animals or use other means to stunt their growth. While the end result may technically be a smaller pig, it’s also incredibly inhumane and sets that pig up for a (shortened) lifetime of health problems.

Don’t be discouraged: “house pigs” are absolutely possible to have, and Milo and Luna are perfect examples of that. So long as you have enough room for a pig to live and roam – that includes a house with a yard – you can have a happy pig. They’re also capable of training; though they’re often portrayed as being dumb, pigs are actually pretty smart!

Milo and Luna are very happy and well cared for, obviously. Two pigs under one roof definitely seems like more than I could ever handle. Imagine those zoomies when the pigs are full grown? I can’t wait to see it!

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