On Saturday, September 23, an animal sanctuary named The Gentle Barn shared a very heartwarming video with their social media followers. In this post, they explain how they groom their horses while keeping their past trauma and bodily autonomy in mind.

The clip was uploaded on the sanctuary’s TikTok account, @thegentlebarn, and it is receiving significant praise for the very cute horses and the staff’s kind approach to dealing with them. You don’t want to miss this footage!


Some people see horses as possessions, and only groom them to keep them clean. But with the rescued horses here at The Gentle Barn, we pay close attention to their responses to bond with them and help heal their trauma. We do this every morning with all our horses. Founder Ellie Laks explains each step in the process, how we read their body language, and how this routine builds trust πŸ’— #horsetok #farmanimalsanctuary #horsesoftiktok

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Awww, this is so very sweet! When the staff grooms the horses, they take the opportunity to develop a bond and build trust with the horses. In order to do this, you have to be able to understand what the equines are conveying with their body language. This is why The Gentle Barn‘s founder explained the five different ways that a horse may communicate with you during a grooming, a must-watch for all horse parents!

It’s important to be thorough when grooming your pets because it is essential for maintaining their health and well-being. For those who are new to horse grooming, there’s a few important things to keep in mind

Brush your horse daily to remove dirt, dust, and loose hair. This not only keeps their coat clean and shiny but also helps improve blood circulation and strengthens your bond with them.

While grooming, carefully examine your horse’s body for any cuts, bruises, or signs of discomfort. Early detection of injuries or skin issues can lead to timely treatment and prevent more serious problems.

Don’t forget to clean and inspect your horse’s hooves regularly. Remove dirt, rocks, and debris from their hooves to prevent infections and discomfort. Proper hoof care is vital for their overall health and soundness.

The horses at The Gentle barn are so very lucky to have such dedicated and knowledgable staff to take care of them. These animals truly deserve nothing less than the best!

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