You’re probably accustomed to seeing seagulls at the beach or around piers, but did you know they’ve also got their own morning routine, just like us? We learned this after we watched a clip from @winston_gull posted on Tuesday, August 22nd, showing this seagull’s morning routine that’s a bit out of the ordinary but incredibly heartwarming.

As viewers see, every morning, like clockwork, this seagull, Winston, strolls right into the house for breakfast just like he owns the place! As the clip begins, you see Winston, this all-white, charming seagull, confidently strutting in like he owns the place. And where’s he headed? Straight to the food! It’s like he knows exactly where the good stuff is. He shuffles over, checking out the spread, and you can practically feel his excitement.


The PLAP PLAP PLAP is back, sorry if I got you worried, didn’t mean to. 🥺 I just needed a little social media break, but Winston is absolutely fine, and so is young Lazlo. I’ll soon post more detailed updates, but for now I just wanted to let y’all know that my ducks are doing great. PS: I’ve been travelling quite a lot and I was wondering: would anyone be interested in a personal account to follow my whereabouts/wildlife encounters? #seagull #petduck

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The way he goes about it is just too adorable for words. Winston acts like he’s been invited over for a breakfast feast, and he’s ready to dig in.

In addition, what’s even more fascinating is that this isn’t just a one-time thing – it’s a daily occurrence! Winston’s got a routine down pat and is not afraid to show up bright and early for his breakfast appointment. It’s like having a feathered friend who knows exactly when to join in on the morning mealtime fun.

Having a pet seagull like Winston is undoubtedly a unique experience. While many of us might associate seagulls with the beach, Winston proves that these birds can also form close bonds with humans.

But, of course, having a pet seagull comes with its own set of responsibilities. Providing proper care, ensuring a safe environment, and meeting their dietary needs are crucial. And for the person in the TikTok video, it’s evident that Winston’s become a beloved member of their daily routine– a quirky, feathered breakfast buddy that brings a smile to their face every single day.

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