It’s no secret that running isn’t for everyone—it takes a lot of stamina and coordination to keep a consistent gait. One baby animal is intimately familiar with this struggle, but luckily, she isn’t letting that keep her down.

TikTok user @camwhitnall works in wildlife conservation, and on Monday August 14, he shared a clip of the morning run he went on with an orphaned baby elephant named Pragan. The moment is so sweet you can’t help but smile!


Her little tumble 🥹 Happy World Elephant Day! #learnontiktok #elephant #wildlife

♬ original sound – Cam Whitnall

Awww, Pragan took a slight tumble on that run! Luckily, her caretakers were right there to brush her off and encourage her to keep going. This baby girl didn’t let that stop her though, and she was sure to continue running alongside her humans. We imagine it would be quite hard to avoid falling in love with Pragan if we were lucky enough to know her in person!

Pragan’s larger-than-life personality is of little surprise to those familiar with her species. Elephants stand as remarkable examples of animal intelligence, possessing a level of cognitive complexity that continues to astound researchers and observers alike. Their large brains, intricate social structures, and intricate communication methods suggest a high degree of intelligence, and they display a remarkable capacity for problem-solving, memory retention, and emotional awareness. Their ability to exhibit empathy, mourn their dead, and cooperate in group activities underscores their intricate emotional lives and advanced social understanding.

An elephant’s social skills are certainly not something to scoff at either. As mentioned previously, they are renowned for their highly developed social habits, which reflect their deep emotional bonds and complex interactions within their groups. These animals live in tight-knit family units led by a matriarch, usually the oldest and most experienced female. Beyond families, elephants also form larger social units called herds, composed of multiple related families. These herds engage in cooperative behaviors, such as caring for and protecting the young, finding food and water sources, and navigating their environment.

We’re glad this baby elephant has such a good team taking care of her so she can have all the confidence and safety she needs to live a good, healthy life. Keep on running, Pragan!

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