Have you ever looked at an animal that has long hair and wonder what they would look like with different hairstyles? Well, if you’ve been curious about how a baby cow would look with pigtails, there’s video proof of exactly that.

On August 15, TikTok user The Husky Fam (@thehuskyfam) shared a fun video of their fuzzy baby highland cow testing out some hairstyles we don’t typically see cows rock. But it might be the cutest video ever — take a look!


I wish I had as nice of hair as Millie.. 😅 #fluffy #cow #hair #style

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“Trying cute hairstyles with my fluffy cow,” the text on the video reads. And the sweet cow mama helped Millie test out a bunch of different hairstyles we typically give our little kids before heading them off to daycare or school.

First up was beach waves! To help pamper Millie, mom puts a fresh rose petal into some water and spritzed that into the fluffy cow’s white hair and then fluffing it up to help her natural waves come through.

Next up was the super trend middle part look that all our kids are rocking these days. Using a paddle brush, mom finds the middle of Millie’s head and then brushed each section to the side. To help fancy it up a little bit, mom uses more of that rose water and fluffs the fur around her eyes and nose with a make up brush.

Then Millie tries out a sporty slick back look where mom brushes her hair back and secures it with a headband.

The final look might be the best of all — double bowed up pigtails! She uses pink bows on each pony and Millie looks like a true princess.

In the comment section, people couldn’t get enough of Millie’s sweet looks.

“I have decided i need a fluffy cow in order to be happy,” one person wrote.

“I need a fluffy cow in my life,” added someone else.”Sooo cute I love her name and what about braids,” another viewer suggested.

“Stop the bows were adorable that’s the one,” wrote someone else.

According to Highland Titles, highland cows, like Millie, are known for being really docile, happy, and friendly.

“These fantastic beasts have a reputation for their fantastic temperament, not a moo-dy cow in sight!” the site explains.

“They are known for being a very docile animal, never showing any aggression and are very low stress to keep and manage. They also enjoy the company of humans, often approaching walkers seeking affection.”

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