Would you know what to do if you happened upon a nest of baby squirrels that fell from a tree with no mom in sight? This situation happened to one man who was able to jump into action and with the help of his neighbor saved the group of squirrels and reunited them with their mom.

On August 6, TikTok user Derrick Downey Jr (@derrickdowneyjr) documented what happened after discovering a group of baby squirrels. And the video takes you from the moment they were found to their reunion with their mom. Take a look!


Rescuing these baby squirrels and reuniting them with mama Maxine, was the greatest feeling ever! 🐿️ #babysquirrel #squirrels #squirrelsoftiktok #wildlife #wildliferescue #animallover #nature #foryou

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“I rescued a baby squirrel, actually it was 4,” the text on the video reads. “Let’s rewind so i could tell you about how this came about.”

According to Derrick, wood choppers had decided to trim a tree but they didn’t realize that there was a nest of baby squirrels in there. He explained that the workers found the squirrels and put them in another tree but Derrick was worried still.

“They were kind enough to put the squirrels on another tree but it still wasn’t safe enough cause it was near the sidewalk where dogs could potentially get to them,” he shared. “So I took matters in my own hands.”

In the video we see Derrick heading to the store to pic up baby formula and a syringe to attempt to feed the babies. However, they still weren’t eating.

Not long later, Derrick received a text from his neighbor who spotted the mom squirrel. And he was able to reunite the babies with their squirrel mom, Maxine.

“She immediately took them one by one to another nest,” he shared. “One that’s actually much higher in the sky to a deluxe apartment.”

The comment section filled with people who praised Derrick for going above and beyond for the little squirrels and their mom, Maxine.

“Aww they were your grandsquirreldrens,” one person wrote.

“Co parenting with Maxine is wild 😂😭I’m glad the babies were ok!!” another shared.

“I love that your neighbors are invested!” someone else shared.

“You out here saving the world one squirrel at a time,” added another TikTok viewer.

According to Tuffs Wildlife Clinic, if you come across a baby squirrel there are a few instance where interviewing might be necessary.

“A squirrel who is nearly full-sized, has a full and fluffy tail and can run, jump and climb is independent. However, if a juvenile squirrel continuously approaches and follows people, then mom is probably gone,” the website notes. “In this case, you should contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator because the baby is very hungry and needs care.”

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