If you adopt a young or active dog, chances are you may be thinking about bringing them on a hike. If that’s the case, it’s important to consider what their needs might be in addition to your own.

Luckily, dog mom and TikTok user @nicholethenomad has already thought about this. In a video from Friday, August 11, she shared three important things to always bring on a hike with your dog, in addition to food and extra water. These are so important!


What else do you pack for your dog on hikes?? #hiketok #hikingdogs #hikingtips #hikingwithdogs

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Wow, these are amazing ideas! While many people bring first aid kits, there are dog-specific kits as well, which are sold pre-assembled or can be made by yourself. Additionally, dog boots are important incase you have to cross uncomfortable terrain, whether it’s hot asphalt, sharp rocks, or thorny bush. Lastly, this experienced hiker and dog mom recommends an emergency harness that you can use to carry your dog incase of an emergency. While it’s possible you may never use these, you might be glad you packed them one day!

As many dog parents will tell you, hiking with your furry companion can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it requires careful planning to ensure their safety and well-being. First, assess your dog’s fitness level and choose trails that match their abilities while also ensuring the trail regulations allow dogs.

Additionally, be considerate of the people and wildlife around you. Control your dog’s barking and behavior, and keep them on a non retractable leash to prevent them from wandering into potentially dangerous areas and bothering wildlife.

Lastly, be prepared to adjust your pace and route according to your dog’s needs, taking breaks as required. While dog’s bodies are usually well-equip for hiking, they overheat much quicker than humans and may need more water breaks or rests in the shade.

Hikes are wonderful ways to get exercise and appreciate nature, which are always better with your pup by your side. Dog parents just need to make sure they accommodate their furry friends on these journeys!

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