No one likes to be apart from their loved ones for days on end as it can create loneliness and boredom. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable sometimes, which means the reunions after time apart are heartfelt and full of love.

One mom knows just how special these reunions are. TikTok user @skyecotter is a mom to a precious white hamster named Oscar, and she recently shared a video of their reunion after she returned home from a 10-day trip. The sweetness is unreal!


The way he runs faster once he knows it’s me I’m so happy to be back with him I missed him so much 🥹🥹🥹 #hamster #cutehamster #hamstersoftiktok🐹 #missedyousomuch #dayinmylife #dayinthelife #missyou #fyp #fypシ

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Awww, Oscar missed his mom so much! When he first heard her come in, he wasn’t sure if it was his mom or the friends that have been coming by to take care of him in her absence. However, once Oscar realized his mom had come home, he scurried down from his elevated habitat quick as a whistle to give her a very warm welcome!

Like Oscar, hamsters may be small in size, but they possess remarkable intelligence that often surprises their human companions. These tiny rodents exhibit a range of clever behaviors that showcase their innate problem-solving abilities and adaptability. Smart hamsters have an impressive memory, enabling them to remember complex mazes and recognize familiar faces. It’s certainly clear that Oscar recognized his mom!

People in the comments are loving the intricacy and complexity of Oscars’s environment at home. “You’ve made such a beautiful home for him, this made me emotional. That’s love right there!” said TikTok user @sophiej56.

Other people, such as @ghostygirl888, are sharing their love for hamsters in the replies. “My 8-year-old daughter adopted a hamster a few months ago, and she’s the sweetest little creature! I love her so much,” they commented.

There’s no doubt that anyone who is a parent to a hamster is lucky to have such a loving and smart creature in their lives. Oscar shows that there is so much more to hamsters that most people believe!

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