A lot of responsibilities come with having a dog in your life, and going for walks is one of them. While it’s good exercise for both of you, it can be annoying when your pup stops to sniff everything along the way. Well, it turns out that the practice of smelling everything is essential to their health.

The human parents behind the TikTok profile @madmax_fluffyroad shared a video that breaks down why sniffing on walks is vital to pips—and it’s a must-watch!


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The video starts with the parents of Mad Max Fluffy road explaining that what he’s about to say will change everything.

“A friend recently recommended I read this book, In A Men’s World by Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer Ed Young,” he shared, “which is about the radically different ways that animals perceive the world, with one section dedicated to the incredible science behind a dog sense of smell.”

According to that book, it’s really not cool for human parents to rush their dogs during their walks, and he explains why.

“Yong’s book introduced me to Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, a dog scientist and sniff researcher at Columbia University,” he explains, “who says preventing your dog from sniffing on a leisurely walk is depriving your dog of experiencing an essential aspect of their biology.”

According to the doctor, dogs have way more olfactory receptors than we do, by a huge margin with humans having approximately 6 million and dogs have300 million. And that science proves why dogs should be able to smell when they want to.

“With one sniff, dogs can discern the age and temperament of other animals around them and can even smell hormones, providing them with the insights into the emotional states of all living beings in their vicinity, including humans,” he explains.

“Dogs can even detect when someone is pregnant or sick. But most surprisingly, dogs can even smell into the past with one walk in the park,” he continues.

But it’s not just causal smelling, dogs can sniff out a lot of information. “Dogs can identify who has been in a particular location, what they consumed, where they went, and can even grasp the emotions they were experiencing at that particular time,” he explains.

Since dogs can pull so much from one sniff, it’s essential for them to to be able to do that because it’s a big part of their life experience, and it would be like denying humans to touch.

Good to know, right?

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