We never want to see lost or abandoned dogs on the side of the road, but when these tragedies do happen, we hope it’s an animal lover that finds them. For one dog, that stroke of luck changed her life.

TikTok user @honey.bea529 shared how they found and rescued their Dachshund named Honey Bea. In a recent video, they said that they were driving home in the middle of nowhere and spotted her in the road. What happened next is a beautiful display of love and compassion.

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Oh, we are so happy for Honey Bea! These two women were able to lure Honey Bea close enough to grab and immediately took her to get supplies and to a nearby park to get cleaned up. After confirming that she has no collar or chip and checking all of the Facebook pages of missing pets in the surrounding areas, they made the easy decision to keep her. There’s no doubt that Honey Bea was found by the right people!

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find animals malnourished and alone on the side of the road. Some animals accidentally escape from their homes or get lost, while others are abandoned there by unkind people.

If you come across a dog or a cat on the side of the road, it’s crucial to secure its safety. If you are able to get close enough without risk of injury from the animal, do as Honey Bea’s new parents did and pick them up using a towel, then take them to the nearest veterinarian. Otherwise, contact local animal control or wildlife agencies to assist the animal and keep an eye on them until an authority arrives while waiting at a safe distance.

We couldn’t be more pleased to know that Honey Bea is going to be getting the life she deserves with her new family. We hope more stray dogs and cats can have the same happy outcome that this pup had!

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