The Los Angeles Chargers are not in action just yet as they are on their break period in between minicamp and training camp. Some big roster decisions still have to be made and it will be interesting to see how the front office decides to go about the remaining offseason.

Fans should be quite happy with what they’ve seen so far from their newly-drafted guys and with JC Jackson, Mike Williams and Joey Bosa all returning from injury, their roster is already looking very solid heading into the 2023 season.

And we’re going to be talking about what everybody loves about the Bolts, even their opposing fanbases, which is their offense. Hate him or love him, Justin Herbert is already among some of the best quarterbacks in the league right now and has three historic seasons under his belt. Keenan Allen will be looking to re-establish himself as a star WR and Austin Ekeler will have about $2 million worth of incentives to be performing for.

So imagine all of those weapons under a new offensive coordinator that actually wants to make the most of his weapons in Kellen Moore. The blueprint for LA’s 2023 offense is going to be incredible and the Chargers’ WR coach has already shared a ton of exciting aspects about it.

“It’s interesting because you hear people say, ‘Herbert needs to throw the ball down the field’. A lot of it is who are you throwing it down the field to. When you have all the injuries that we had last year, so you have to be able to adjust the style of play to the person that you have. Assuming everybody is at full strength, we definitely want to be able to push the ball down the field more and create more explosive plays. It goes back to what I said earlier about run after the catch, in-breaking route and scheme some things up to catch routes on the run help do that.”


2022 was a year of lessons for the Chargers and we’ll see how they bounce back in the new season!

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