The Coronado Schools Foundation has millions of dollars in net net assets, but gets free rent from taxpayers. One resident says that's not a big deal considering all the money the foundation gives to Coronado kids. Staff photo by Craig Harris.

I’ve read, and reread, Craig Harris’s op-ed piece about the Coronado Schools Foundation – and I can’t figure out what he’s getting at.

I guess there might be a problem there, somewhere – but I’m not seeing it. 

As Mr. Harris reports, CSF is a nonprofit organization that donates approximately $800,000 annually to the Coronado Unified School District.

That is their only mission.

We, the taxpaying citizens of Coronado, give CSF office space at CUSD headquarters – for which we do not charge them rent.

Well… that seems like a pretty good deal, to me.

Apparently, the rent on that office space could be something like $40,000/year; and I’m perfectly happy to comp CSF on that, to help facilitate that $800,000/year donation to CUSD.

If Mr. Harris knows about anything improper going on here – then let’s hear what it is.

I did check out the Coronado Schools Foundation a little bit (website, etc,) – and maybe that’s a good thing to do, anyway.

It looks like they are exactly who they say they are; and they score 99% on Charity Navigator.  Again: I don’t see the problem.

And, no, I don’t believe we’re obliged to extend any breaks on the rent, to any other organization that might ask.

If any of them can raise and donate some hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, for a decade or two – then maybe we should talk about it.

Murray Nies


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