It can be challenging for dogs to adapt to new changes, even temporary ones. Although dogs are incredibly resilient, sometimes it’s hard for them to get used to a new environment. For example, we recently found a TikTok video from @goth_pack featuring their pups’ adventure away from the big city and out into the wilderness.

Apparently the thought of venturing out into the woods was a bit much for these city pups. Just wait until you see how they reacted.

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LOL. The look on the Pug’s face is the best! 

In this follow-up video, the family shed some light on all they did to accommodate him on the trip.

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We can relate to the challenges they faced and their efforts to accommodate Gus’ unique needs. Pugs are known for their distinct personalities, and it’s clear that this little city-dwelling guy needed some extra care and attention during their cabin getaway.

Bringing along plenty of favorite toys was such a thoughtful idea. Our pets need to have familiar items that bring them comfort and joy, especially when they’re in an unfamiliar environment. 

And let’s not forget about the clever strategies to prevent barking! Holding Gus to keep him calm and relaxed was a brilliant move. It shows this family’s dedication to ensuring an enjoyable experience for the pup and themselves.

In addition, carrying Gus during their hiking trips when they got tired is just too precious for words. It’s like having a furry little backpack companion on the trails. 

The family also chose to hand-feed Gus since he didn’t like their camping bowl. This was the epitome of going the extra mile! It’s incredible how we adapt and find solutions to make our pets feel comfortable and loved, even in the great outdoors. Gus must have felt like a king receiving tasty treats right from their family’s hands.

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