Paul Machin’s recent editorial attempts to justify the disruptive behavior of his We the Parents pressure group. 

In his reputation-laundering version of history, his allies have done no wrong. The fault in the reprehensible tortilla incident lies exclusively with the school authorities for apologizing- not with the rowdy crowd that was literally hurling their racist insults.

We the Parents sympathizers merely exercise acceptable free speech when they shout down speakers at School Board meetings and troll School Board members.

Book banning and curriculum meddling are just good parenting – not blatant censorship that would produce students as biased and narrow minded as their parents.

The Coronado We the Parents agenda and methods are not at all original with them.

The Coronado branch derives from a nationwide, extremist, right-wing attempt to politicize school boards in order to energize their base to vote and recruit candidates for elections.

And the tone of the editorial is also a Trump derivative.

Never admit mistakes or take responsibility. Always attack and assume the victim role. Don’t be overly worried about getting the facts straight.

Well it really doesn’t work that way.

Your free speech ends where my free speech begins.

We the Parents is a misleading name – you are not representative of the majority of parents in Coronado as proven by the compelling results of the recent school election. In our democracy, your minority views and rights must be respected, but you mustn’t be allowed to disrupt the education of our children, for political purposes, through bluff, bullying, and rewriting history.

-Dr. Allen Frances, Coronado

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